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  1. Alexander Gurwitsch, pioneer of Biophoton Field research.
  2. Biophoton Field Theor
  3. Daily Fasting
  4. Debunking Automous Nervous System Lies
  5. Double Slit Experiment
  6. Edgar Cayce, How to Heal Your Body
  7. Electric Universe
  8. Exploding Head Syndrome Testimonial
  9. Fritz Popp, modern Biophoton Field Theory.
  10. God Helmet Experiments with magnetism and the brain.
  11. Kirlian Photography
  12. Mozart Effect
  13. Norman Cousins Outsmarts Doctors
  14. Reiki Course
  15. Rice Experiment, observe evidence that your emotions have effects on matter.
  16. Your Microbiome, spirituality for ultimate health.